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A magical story-based puzzle adventure!

STORY: You and your new friend Isabel are students at the Magic Savvy Academy, where promising witches and wizards learn magic. You're both excited for your first class: Potions! That is until class is cancelled and you get yourselves into some magical mayhem. You'll need to use your wits and ingenuity to get yourselves out of trouble.

To Play: Purchase HERE.

Best for: 1 - 4 Players



What is This?

You can play from home on your mobile device. Unlike your standard video game, you can still get the cooperative fun of playing with your friends or family through the ClueKeeper app. Like all our games, our online games are designed and created by us, featuring totally unique puzzles tied into a fun family friendly story line.

How do I Play?

You'll need an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Simply download the ClueKeeper app and purchase one copy of our game (described below) for your team. Learn more about ClueKeeper and how to play by clicking here.

Tip: You may find it helpful to play ClueKeeper's short free introductory game "Welcome to ClueKeeper" before playing our game to familiarize yourself with ClueKeepers functions.


Do I Play By Myself? Or With a Team?

You can play alone or play with a team of your friends, when each of you have the ClueKeeper app you can play together in real time!

Questions? Need Help?

Send us an email at, or call/text us at 336-663-2462


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Opening in 2021